Events & Training

4 Jun 15 Jun 2018
This course offers unique hands-on experience in data collection, modelling, simulation, prediction ...

Past Events

4 Sep 7 Sep 2017
Courses@CRG : Whole Cell Modelling Whole-cell models are promising tools for predicting phenotype ...
1 Sep 2017
Professionalising the training of managerial and leadership staff in research infrastructures (RIs)
5 Jul 7 Jul 2017
The International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (SBHD) is a transatlantic event ...
5 Jun 16 Jun 2017
The 8th International Practical Course in Systems Biology
1 Dec 2 Dec 2016
The Foundry brings together practitioners in support delivery for systems biology all over Europe, ...
17 Nov 18 Nov 2016
LyonSysBio is a yearly international conference organized by BioSyL, the Systems Biology Alliance ...
9 Oct 12 Oct 2016
6th IFAC Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering, Magdeburg, Germany
15 Sep 2016
FAIRDOM are excited to announce the first combined user meeting for FAIRDOM. Good data and model ...


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