The Research Centre for Biotechnology, Society and the Environment at the University of Hamburg organizes an interdisciplinary, international Winter School on “Integration and Translation in Systems Medicine”. Doctoral students and postdocs from the social studies of science, philosophy of science, systems medicine/biology and comparable fields are kindly invited to submit abstracts to present their work. Fifteen international participants who are engaged in cutting edge research in their prospective field with an interdisciplinary outlook will be selected for this inspiring event in Hamburg, Germany.

Systems medicine uses systems oriented approaches to create a basis for innovative therapies and preventive measures. To investigate complex physiological and pathological processes, systems medicine is grounded on mathematical models integrating biological data from different sources (genomics, proteomics etc.). However, integration of data, modeling of biological processes as well as translation of resulting knowledge into clinical practice are complex, interdisciplinary processes. The aim of this Winter School is to investigate together epistemic, methodological, organizational and social challenges of ongoing developments in systems medicine. Theoretical as well as empirical contributions are welcomed. Young researchers from the field of systems medicine are especially encouraged to apply.

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1 Feb 5 Feb 2016
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Lottestrasse 55
Research Centre for Biotechnology, Society and the Environment FSP BIOGUM/FG Medicine
22529 Hamburg
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