SB Data Management Foundry

A meeting for practitioners 

Data management is generally recognized as a crucially important but challenging part  of Systems Biology. Data management systems that are useful, usable and used are difficult to get right. It is not easy to find out about already existing software, or the state of standards that could or should be adopted. 

Following the outstanding success of the Systems Biology Software Developers Workshop in 2012, ERASysAPP sponsors the next meeting in the series that enables practitioners in the field to meet like-minded scientists, show their working and upcoming developments, and give opportunities to team up. A meeting to socialize, yes. But also a meeting to figure out how we can improve collaboration of data management practitioners beyond project borders in the light of ESFRI and other, national infrastructure movements, as well as the move from systems biology to systems medicine and synthetic biology. Our end goal is to establish a Foundry for Systems Biology Software development.

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6 Oct 7 Oct 2014
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Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
University of Rostock
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Schloß-Wolfsbrunnenweg 33
69118 Heidelberg
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