SysMod ISMB Special Interest Group meeting

Advances in genomics have recently brought a convergence of bioinformatics and systems biology modeling. For example, systems modeling has become more reliant on bioinformatic network inference to build models, and has begun to use transcriptomics and proteomics data to train models. In addition, the promises of precision medicine lie, in part, on the interplay between bioinformatics-based analyses of patient data and model-based predictions of treatments. More communication among systems modelers and bioinformaticians is critically needed to build models of whole cells, organs and organisms that can accelerate science, bioengineering, and medicine.

We created the SysMod Community of Special Interest of the International Society of Computational Biology to foster communication among systems modelers and bioinformaticians. We invite you to join our first event, a one-day meeting that will take place July 9, 2016 immediately prior to the ISMB Conference in Orlando, Florida. The meeting will feature four keynote talks, seven contributed talks, a community discussion, and a poster session.

9 Jul 2016
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Disney World
Orlando, FL 99999
United States
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