Gerd Larisch
  • With the cursor placed over the graph, use the scroll button to zoom in and out.
  • Hover over a node to highlight the direct relations of that node in the visualized universe
  • Click on a node to preview its profile.
  • Add or remove centers using the buttons on profile preview or in the search list.
  • Use the "Keywords" and "Papers" filter tab to drill down the content of the current universe.
  • Check additional visualization options in the "Genearl options" tab.
From 0 to 100

Use this slider to filter out the lowest- and/or the highest-strength relations based on co-authorship

From 0 to 100

Use this slider to filter out the lowest - and/or the highest - strength relations based on keyword overlap.

ON: Relations terms are not weighted.
OFF: (default) Relations terms are weighted, if applicable.

Flatten, linear calculation.

ON: (default) You will be able to stretch the nodes around to see their force.
OFF: Nodes are static, if you click and drag you will be moving the whole graph around.

Drag nodes around.