Information platform on SysBio training opportunities

10 Sep 2014

ERASysAPP promotes education and training of young scientists

The European research network  for Applied Systems Biology, ERASysAPP, has expanded the information and services available on its website.  One click on the ‘Training & Exchange’ menu opens up a variety of offers, ranging from courses to graduate study programs and an exchange platform for educational material.

For those wishing to continue to graduate study in systems biology, the website ‘Graduate Study Programs will be helpful. This catalogue of European master and PhD programs provides filter options to simplify the search for an appropriate offer. Many of the featured programs focus exclusively on systems biology, whereas others feature systems biology as just one specialism within an interdisciplinary curriculum. Organizers of relevant study programs are invited to contribute to this overview by submitting programs which have not yet been listed.

Additionally, an overview of ‘Web-based Learning Tools is available on the website and should help young scientists find educational platforms offering E-courses or video lectures on systems biology topics. The newest addition is the Exchange Platform’ that has been developed in order to share study material and promote knowledge exchange between scientists. Presentations, articles or videos relevant to systems biology can be made available to a broad audience. To add to more transparency, the users can evaluate the quality of the published articles online.  Students, lecturers and researchers are encouraged to contribute to the success of this platform by posting and evaluating articles.

Furthermore, ERASysAPP continuously organizes and supports workshops and training for systems biologists.  A complete list of the latest courses on offer has been published under ‘ERASysAPP Events’.

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