JULY 2015: New Features!

10 Jul 2015

Improved and new features are now available

We have just released a major upgrade of the website, with a number of new features:

  • New search engine that makes all community information easily accessible
  • Events and training integrated into the community database
  • Option to find organizers, speakers and even participants to conferences and courses
  • Tools and resources also integrated into the community database
  • Option to find authors/developers and even users of tools and resources

Alltogether these new functionality will allow you to access lots of SB relevant information, navigate from researchers to the tools they provided, from keywords to related events, from events to the profiles of their organizers, and so forth and so on...

The upgrade represents a full revolution for the potential use of this platform. However, the most important advance of the website depends on the contribution of community members.

Remember, if you want to help building the community:

  • Edit your profile and explore your network
  • Add events relevant to the SB community, let the communty know if you organize, speak, or atend the event
  • Add SB tools and resources, let the community know if you created, developed, or used the tool
  • Place questions and answer the others’ questions
  • Report bugs
  • Send your suggestions
  • Promote the platform to your coleagues

And check the evolution of your network and the growth of the community every now and then!

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