New functionalities released!

13 Nov 2013

The ISBE team is happy to announce the first upgrade of the European Systems Biology Community Website. This release includes the following new functionalities:

  • add or remove papers from your profile
  • insert your complete affiliation (institute, department, group) 
  • edit your institution's details (address, url...)
  • send your contributions to the website using the news and events forms
  • network visualization has been improved
  • registered members are promoted in search-by-keyword lists…
  • … and several other minor developments. 

Thanks to this upgrade, you have now the opportunity to correct and improve your profile data and to make the community grow.

Give these new options a go, and let others know about the community!


If you have previously been in this site and you experience now some problems while editing your profile, please try using a different internet browser, emptying cache and browsing history, or hard-refreshing the page. Your browser may have strong feelings against innovative solutions!

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