The Systems Biology Educational Portal was developed within work package 3, 'Training and Exchange', of ERASysAPP, the ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology.

The aim of this portal is to improve the knowledge exchange between Systems Biology researchers and to motivate scientists to share their expertise. Furthermore, this platform intends to become a central source for educational material on Systems Biology, for students and lecturers alike. The possibility for users to evaluate articles from this platform is a great step in this direction.

We would like to invite Systems Biology students, lecturers and researchers to contribute to the success of this platform by posting articles, presentations and lectures relevant to Systems Biology. Users are welcome to give their feedback on the published content, as the evaluation of the posts is an important key success factor for the Systems Biology Educational Portal.

Extracted from SBEDU website.

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Systems Biology EDUcational portal
Keywords are a limited number of terms which represent the primary research focus of the researcher. They can include topics, methodologies, model systems etc.
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